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Wikefield Farm is an agricultural mixed working farm with a large livery yard.

A successful livery yard for over 40 years under the management of Barbara Harrison Bland, Wikefield Farm has a strong community spirit and attracts a diverse range of riders with different aspirations from competition to happy hackers and horses in retirement. Barbara is an experienced British Dressage judge and freelance trainer living on site with her husband Michael Harrison.

Michael is the farmer and, while he handles the horses, his main occupation is growing crops, rearing cattle and producing straw for bedding for the horses and cattle. He also grows top quality hay and haylage which is used to feed the horses and cattle. Michael has had many years of experience in producing quality forage baled specifically for the horse palate and our forage is renowned for its quality. The mainly outdoor lifestyle of the cattle is managed by Michael and home produced beef is regularly available.

British Horse Society Approved

Wikefield Farm is British Horse Society approved with yearly inspections carried out by the BHS to ensure that standards are maintained. There is always someone attending the yard 24 hours a day. Security measures are in place and the main gate to the farm is padlocked at night.

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Committed to comfort and safety

Wikefield Farm is committed to uphold the welfare of the horse and endeavours to provide a comfortable and safe home for your horse. We hope to provide you and your horse with a happy environment and help you to achieve your ambitions with your equine partner.

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