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    Wikefield Farm
    An agricultural mixed working farm and livery yard
  • Approved by the British Horse Society's
    High Standards

Yorkshire Livery Yard & Stables

Wikefield Farm is an agricultural mixed working farm with a livery yard for approximately forty horses and ponies. We have over forty years of experience in running a livery yard and caring for horses ranging from competition horses to those in retirement. The yard has a mixture of riders with different aspirations from their equine friends.

Michael Harrison is the farmer and he also handles the horses but his main occupation is growing crops and producing straw for bedding for the horses and cattle. He also grows top quality hay and haylage which is used to feed the horses and cattle.

Michael Harrison has had many years of experience in producing quality forage baled specifically for the horse palate and our forage is renowned for its quality. Shavings or alternative bedding may be purchased by the owners from any retail outlet. We currently have a discount system from a local feed/bedding retailer. This firm delivers on a weekly basis to our clients.

Wikefield Farm is situated on the north side of Leeds, West Yorkshire on the A61 about a mile from Harewood House, the postal code is LS17 9JZ. Wikefield is on the main public transport route.

– The Wikefield Team

Facilities Overview

  • Livery yard for approx 40 horses & ponies
  • Over 40 years of experience in running a livery yard and caring for horses
  • Competition horses to those in retirement
  • Wikefield Farm is situated on the Northside of Leeds
  • Approved by the British Horse Society & inspected yearly
  • We offer Assisted Livery
  • Services of Turning Out, Mucking Out
  • 24 hour security
  • Systematic removal of any ragwort & comprehensive worming programmes
  • Automatic drinking water bowls and electricity in each stable
  • Different lengths of circular rides
  • Spectacular scenery and numerous species of wildlife
  • Exclusive use of our own Indoor riding arena (no extra fee)
  • All weather/season riding
  • Regular visits by Horse Physio Consultants and by Horse Dentists

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